Volpé & Fils SA touches a very broad and various sector of activities, offering optimal quality and finish.

Since 2016, the compagny decided to develop in the steel fabrication sector.

In this specific area, our achievements have given full satisfaction to our customers. The future is therefore bright in this direction permitting us to improve our performance.

The compagny is made up of two well separated workshops to avoid material mixtures:

  • The first of two construction workshops groups together steel fabrication work: it is equipped with two lifting hoists and two cutting machines. With about 700m² surface area.


  • The second workshop brings together stainless steel and aluminium: it is equipped with a cutting machine for each type of material. With about 800m² surface area.



These two sectors have fully equipped workstations with state of the art welding to guarantee optimal results. 

Our service sector  is renforced by two experienced technicians operating throughout Geneva. Our trucks are fully equipped to meet all your needs, even the most urgent.


This year, we have developed a Hörmann sector. A brand specialist welcomes and advises you on all your requirements in terms of doors and motorisations both industrial and private.


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Thanks to the presence within the team of a specialist in shipyard work, we are able to offer a service of boat fittings: custom build, maintenance and repair of bathing ladders, piping, water cooled exhausts, sun awnings, gangplanks, water ski tow bars...